The Challenge With ERP Evaluation

After you’ve recognized that your current ERP has you stressed out trying to manage processes and systems that are regularly failing, it’s become apparent that a new ERP may be the answer to many of the challenges you’ve been facing across your organization. Doing an ERP selection alone and with no plan of attack can feel just as overwhelming as living with an outdated ERP. Working through a sea of ERP options without a trusted expert by your side can prove to be an impossible task. Even bringing in a consultant with ERP knowledge in one of the systems doesn’t give the depth of experience you’d need to help you in your ERP evaluation.

ERP Stress

How Guided ERP Evaluation Helps

Our team of experts has decades of experience with the best of breed ERP solutions in the marketplace. Each of our smaller teams is focused on a single ERP platform, giving us the ability to uniquely assist you in finding the right ERP for your business. We work with a shortlist of hand-selected ERP platforms that provide coverage across a majority of the ERP landscape, giving us the ability to expedite the ERP selection process. In addition to ERP Selection, our team can help identify opportunities for improvement in systems we support.

Guided ERP Evaluation Plan

What Does ERP Evaluation Cost?

Our team of ERP Selection experts is available at no cost to you. In fact, using our ERP evaluation team saves time from your internal team as well. Having the same conversation with multiple ERP consultants is a waste of your executive team’s time. The chart below uses industry average data to compare costs for executive involvement in a multi-consultant approach vs our approach. 

Free ERP Evaluation
Company Size Internal Selection Costs - Multi-Vendor Internal Selection Costs - Our Approach
$25 Million $140K $15K
$50 Million $150K $20K
$100 Million $300K $35K
$250 Million $540K $65K
$1 Billion $1.5 Million $180K
$3 Billion $4 Million $485K