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ERP Evaluation

Organization In Chaos - The Wrong ERP

Your current ERP is a problem – system crashes, lagging performance, regulatory compliance concerns, repulsive UI, and more. 

The Wrong ERP

It’s time for a new ERP, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with an ERP evaluation.

3 Step ERP Evaluation Process

ERP Selection Experts

Talk With An Expert

Connect with 25 years of ERP experience and the collective wisdom of rolling out 1000s of solutions across ERP platforms. Working with an ERP selection expert introduces order into the process and eliminates irrelevant options so you can focus on the most important decisions.

Understand ERP Options

Our team of industry experts start with best of breed ERPs and help narrow the list to a few final platforms, then identify key criteria that will equip you as you consider which ERP will work best for your organization.

Set For Success

ERP selection is about more than identifying a final platform. You’ll know the process is done right when your internal team feels comfortable with the selected ERP and everyone has a clear picture of wins and challenges that will accompany the new ERP as it’s rolled out across each department.

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What We Charge For ERP Evaluation

ERP selection and implementation costs add up quickly, but we’ve made our ERP evaluation experts available to you at no cost.

Save Time And Money

Heading Toward Success

Tackling an ERP selection alone and without experience leads to stress, wasted time, and uncertainty. Having an ERP evaluation expert by your side in the process gives you time and energy back to focus on what you do best and propels the organization to success and growth.

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