Epicor® vs SAP Business One

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Choose the Right ERP for Your SMB 

ERP software costs can add up quickly. Besides the licensing and implementation fees, you might have to worry about customization and error handling. Then, there’s the complexity. Some systems are designed for easy installation and quick user training, while others require cumbersome implementations and include poor user interfaces—which will slow down your time to ROI.  

If you’re a small to midsize manufacturer, you don’t have the IT resources to deal with this level of difficulty and high costs. To obtain a cost-effective ERP solution that doesn’t sacrifice critical features, seek out a system with comprehensive functionality, a simplified user experience and a reasonable total cost of ownership.  

Below, we give you a head start on ERP selection by comparing two of the top solutions for SMBs: Epicor® ERP and SAP Business One. Find out which one will come out ahead.  

Comprehensive Functionality 

Both solutions include a wide array of integrated features designed for multiple industries. However, the experts at Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) found that Epicor® ERP far outshines SAP Business One. TEC shows that Epicor® offers significantly more financial, HR, inventory, purchasing and quality management functionality than both the industry average and SAP Business One platform.  

SAP Business One really falls short for manufacturers. Epicor® covers 97 percent of manufacturing management capabilities, while SAP only covers 71 percent. Several SAP manufacturing customers wind up with substantial add-ons and customizations to support their processes. In contrast, Epicor® offers an array of out-of-the-box modules designed to meet requirements for manufacturers of any size. 


Frankly, implementing either of these systems will require more effort and training than QuickBooks and other smaller applications, but this work is well worth the amazing business improvements and ROI. However, some ERP solutions are so complex that they exhaust IT resources and have steep learning curves, compromising their value. 

As we’ve already touched on, SAP Business One often requires substantial customizations, meaning greater complexity for your project teams. Though some Epicor® users also require customizations, they’re often less extensive. Additionally, Epicor’s customization engine enables modifications through clicks rather than code, unlike SAP which entails rigorous testing and coding knowledge. Epicor® customers can often meet many of their requirements through simple configurations. 

SAP Business One also falls short in its user experience. Many customers struggle to transition from their previous platforms and experience slow performance. Epicor® includes a more intuitive user interface. With its active home page, users can easily personalize their dashboards to show relevant metrics. They can quickly locate and drill-down into reports. Epicor’s® user-friendly features encourage end-to-end adoption with less training.  

Total Cost of Ownership 

Any system that requires extensive customizations, add-ons and user training ultimately costs your enterprise more money. SAP Business One, therefore, proves the less economical choice for SMBs. Furthermore, SAP customers are throwing away money at every turn. Installation, licensing, maintenance and support costs are exorbitant, making Business One unviable for small businesses. 

Epicor® serves as the better value. Providing lower fees and costs without sacrificing critical functionality, the vendor not only offers lower TCO but also provides substantial ROI. In its Total Economic Impact (TEI) study, Forrester found that Epicor® generated 264% ROI to the composite organization. Therefore, Epicor® gives you more bang for your buck. 

Wrap Up 

Though Epicor® and SAP have both established a global reputation for their sophisticated ERP solutions, Epicor® is the clear winner, especially for small to midsize manufacturers. For over 45 years, the vendor has designed software for a variety of industries of all sizes. Its flexibility and robust user experience make it a cost-effective and comprehensive solution to meet your unique business needs. 

For greater business success, choose the right ERP vendor and the right consultants. Contact us to start transforming your business!