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Epicor vs Plex BlogERP Vendor Comparison 

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions tend to share several common functionalities and characteristics. When small to midsize businesses are on the hunt for the right software, the vendors can start running together, making it difficult to differentiate one system from the other. However, it’s critical to keep track of the relevant details of each software throughout the ERP selection process. Otherwise, you could end up blowing your investment on a system that fails to support your organization’s goals and requirements.  

We’re here to help you choose the best solution to manage your operations. Plex and Epicor® ERP are both solid platforms for midmarket manufacturers, but which one will deliver the largest return on your investment? In this vendor comparison, we’re pitting Plex and Epicor® against each other to see which ERP solution comes out on top.  

Comprehensive Functionality 

ERP software’s biggest selling point is its ability to manage data and processes from the top floor to the shop floor. Modern ERP solutions consist of interconnected modules that each take care of specific areas of your business. However, some vendors are better at living up to their promise of comprehensive functionality than others.  

Plex covers many of the basics in ERP functionality, but it’s lacking in several capabilities. Plex doesn’t have the eCommerce, project management, scheduling features and global support that are integral for many manufacturers and distributors. According to Gartner, the software is also weak in fiscal management capabilities such as financial consolidation and cost and profit analysis.  

Epicor® ERP takes the lead in functionality, with features and modules designed for a large assortment of industries and manufacturing methods. Where Plex falls short, Epicor excels. The vendor offers robust and flexible project management and scheduling tools. Epicor® Commerce Connect (ECC) is a strong eCommerce solution that is integrated tightly with your ERP. Its global management suite gives users an overview of business performance across international locations and includes strong multi-currency and global tax engines. Technology Evaluation Centers also ranked Epicor® higher than Plex in ERP functionality because of its built-in tools and configurable features.  

Plex might fit your needs in the early years of your company, but the all-inclusive features of Epicor® make it the superior solution for fueling enterprise growth.  

User Experience 

ERP solutions have a bad reputation for being difficult to use. Though some ERP vendors have listened to customers and optimized the user experience, other providers have a long way to go. Many Plex customers have found the software challenging. Some report technical problems and lengthy user training. Making matters worse, Plex has a limited channel partner. That makes it difficult for Plex customers to gain guidance in training, usage and troubleshooting. To get the help they need, users often have to waste long periods of time waiting on a response from slow vendor support lines.  

Epicor® has invested in creating a dynamic user experience. Some customers have commented that the system’s ease of use has reduced training times. Epicor® ERP 10 includes a fully personalized home page that allows each user to gain the insights they need at a moment’s notice. Drop-down menus and instant drill-down capabilities allow users to view data and perform tasks rapidly. Additionally, Epicor’s partner channel spans across the globe. No matter where you do business, you can get support, training resources and project management straight from Epicor® experts rather than wait weeks to hear back from the vendor.  

Deployment Options 

The cloud is increasingly becoming the standard deployment option for enterprise software because of its ease and affordability. Businesses should work with an ERP vendor that provides cloud-hosted solutions, as this is an indication that the provider is committed to following modern best practices and staying up to date on new technology. Plex is known for offering the first complete SaaS ERP system for manufacturers. SaaS, or software-as-a-service, refers to a solution that a third party makes available to customers through the cloud.  

Epicor® also takes a cloud-first approach to its ERP solutions. Gartner ranked Epicor as a visionary in its Cloud ERP Magic Quadrant, positioning it above Plex. This is due to Epicor’s® partnership with Microsoft Azure, the most advanced public cloud platform on the market. Azure provides flexibility, security and speed to fuel business growth. 

Even as the cloud becomes the norm for software, many businesses still operate from on-premises solutions. Since every business is different, it’s important for vendors to give customers different deployment options. Plex doesn’t support on-site deployment, limiting you to the cloud. Epicor® strives to cover a range of enterprises throughout their ERP journeys by offering multiple on-premises and cloud deployment options. Epicor® gives each business the power of choice.  

Wrap Up 

Epicor® and Plex both have strong standings in the ERP industry and several of the essential features to manage manufacturing processes. However, Epicor ERP ranks above Plex because of its comprehensive functionality, intuitive user experience and deployment options. Epicor® was providing premier ERP solutions for manufacturers and distributors over 20 years before Plex was established. This extra experience equips Epicor® with the industry knowledge to satisfy the needs of a wide range of businesses. 

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